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Automatic Wire Cutter and Stripping Machine 0.1-4.5 mm²

This BRAND NEW WHE-05SD computer wire stripping peeling cutting machine is a fully automated CNC equipment which adopts Japan, Taiwan and other advanced technology. This unit comes with 0-99 programs for every sort of stripping need such as full, half, middle, and ultra-thin wires. It works with many different wire insulation types such as Teflon, PVC, Silicon Cable, Fiber Glass. It is widely used in the electronics, electrical appliances, motor, lamps and lanterns, toys, and other various products of wire processing.


      Equipped with a blue LCD display panel, this unit is suitable for a variety of electrical needs making 3,000 to 8,000 pieces per hour. The cable length can be arbitrarily set, peeling different thickness of the wire, cable, sheathed cable, power cord and casing, in accordance with customer requirements at any time.

      Full, half, and middle stripping are available. If A-C < A-S, full stripping will occur (Top Wire). If A-C > A-S, half stripping will occur (Bottom Wire). It is up to 10 middle stripping cuts available with customizable placements using the setting screen. Stripping length is 0-35 thread count or 0-15 mm line end. Maximum cutting length for each wire piece is 9999 mm or 10.9 yards. The high quality tungsten steel blade leaves a clean cut on every piece.
      Also, it is easy adjustment to fit wires with cross section area ranging from 0.1 to 4.5 mm2 (AWG 32# to AWG 12#). Plus, the built in low tolerance for error leads to accurate cuts every time.

Automatic Wire Cutter and Stripping Machine 0.1-4.5 mm²(图1)

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